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Chinese and Iranian pirates renew attacks on US companies

Iranian pirates launched their latest wave of attacks in the Persian Gulf states last year. Since then, they have expanded to 80 targets – including Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and government agencies – in 12 European countries and the… Continue Reading →

Twitter co-founder and former CEO Ev Williams leaves the company's board of directors

Photo: Helena Price | Way Ev Williams, co-founder and CEO of Medium Twitter's co-founder and former CEO, Ev Williams, is leaving the company's board of directors, according to a document filed Friday by the Securities and Exchange Commission. "The past… Continue Reading →

Facebook targeted in a scathing report of the British Parliament

LONDON – After 18 months of Facebook investigations and online misinformation, a British parliamentary committee on Monday issued a scathing report accusing the company of violating data protection and competition laws and calling for new regulations to control the laws…. Continue Reading →

What to expect at MWC 2019: new flagship products from Sony, LG and Chinese companies, foldable phones from Huawei and others, back from Hololens and a lot of 5G hype

In the coming days, the global technology press will travel to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, the world's largest mobile technology event. Although the January CES has a broad technological mission that includes everything from From televisions to smart… Continue Reading →

Within Tesla's solar astroturfing

Tesla has masked its lobbying activities in the area of ​​solar panels and battery storage by the Energy Freedom Coalition of America, a trade association that is little more than a front for the automaker and alternative energy company, suggesting… Continue Reading →

Rumor: Apple is preparing a big product in 2019

It's a holiday in the United States, which makes it a very good day for the latest series of rumors about Apple that emerges from the phantasmagorical office of analyst Ming-Chi Kou, who predicts the return of the giant MacBook… Continue Reading →

5 characteristics of the Data Science hero

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on linkedin <div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " This blog is part of AryngAnalytics career transition series for individuals. Recruiters and job seekers often ask me the same question: what are the… Continue Reading →

Google launches the .dev top level domain with integrated security; Pre-orders for available domains cost just over $ 1,000, but fall to $ 17.50 / year on Sundays

Google has launched a new Internet extension specifically for developers, but if you want to have a good name, you will have to pay for it. The .dev top-level domain already has big names to make it more credible, including… Continue Reading →

Former Facebook employees say that the prioritization of privacy of the company is about optics

Ben King / BuzzFeed News; Getty Images Facebook spent most of 2018 embroiled in a scandal or another. But there was a point at the beginning of the year when Mark Zuckerberg thought he could lower the heat by offering… Continue Reading →

A real tube carrying dreams of 600-M.h. Transit

MOAPA, Nevada – California has just decided to drastically reduce its plans to build a high-speed rail artery intended to transform the movements up and down the state. But in the desert outside Las Vegas, transportation ambitions always seem limitless…. Continue Reading →

Source: Google plans to announce game materials on March 19th, in addition to details regarding its game streaming service.

On Tuesday, Google announced a mysterious address at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 19th. The event comes as the beta version of a console project on AAA Project Stream Beta came to an end in January,… Continue Reading →

Facebook VPN that sneaks on users is pulled from the Android Store

Getty Images SOPA images Facebook has removed its privacy-invading Onavo Protect VPN app from the Google Play Store and reportedly will stop swallowing data from users who still have the app on their devices. Facebook "will immediately stop retrieving data… Continue Reading →

Zoho brings assistant Zia AI to his office applications

Zoho has updated its office suite, adding artificial intelligence features and introducing a new note-taking application, Notebook. Zoho has deployed artificial intelligence features under the Zia brand in recent years; Zia now acts as a smart assistant in Zoho's sales… Continue Reading →

Flexport Freight Logistics start-up raises $ 1 billion dollars from SoftBank's Vision Fund, says source estimated at $ 3.2 billion

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport, has one billion dollars to develop the activities of its freight forwarding startup.Flexport Its start-up operates 747 aircraft and employs 1,066 people in 11 offices and four warehouses…. Continue Reading →

Amazon resumes film operations after a difficult year at the box office

"It's really about creating the right marketing campaign, the right distribution plan for each film, which allows us to overcome cultural noise and make customers tickle," said Matt Newman, one of the top three executives. that Ms. Salke has appointed… Continue Reading →

Facebook has removed its Onavo VPN application from Google Play Store, stops collecting user data for market research and closes futures

Facebook will terminate its unpaid market research programs and proactively remove its Onavo VPN application from the Google Play store following the TechCrunch investigation into the Onavo code used in a Facebook-based search application. data concerning adolescents. The Onavo Protect… Continue Reading →

Google Doodle celebrates Steve Irwin, the original crocodile hunter

The original Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is celebrated by Google. Google Oh dear! Google is covered with crocs! The search engine was decorated on Friday with fangs and claws and scales for a Google Doodle that celebrates the legendary Australian… Continue Reading →

Huawei's founder denounces politically motivated US accusations

BEIJING – Ren Zhengfei, founder of Chinese technology giant Huawei, has accused the United States of having political motives to bring criminal charges against the company and his daughter, a leading Huawei. The comments, made in a BBC interview on… Continue Reading →

Singapore Airlines and American Airlines confirm that some seat screens are equipped with cameras but state that they are turned off, after a photo of one of them becomes viral.

A Viral photo showing a camera in a Singapore Airlines flight television screen recently caused a tumult online. The image has been retweeted hundreds of times, many people worrying about the consequences for privacy. Some American Airlines premium economy class… Continue Reading →

The Shift: YouTube has unleashed a conspiracy theory boom. Can it be contained?

Mr. Chaslot pointed out that this algorithm – which had already been formed to maximize the amount of time users spend on the site – often targeted vulnerable users by directing them to other videos about conspiracy theory. he predicted… Continue Reading →

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