Motorola W360 – Trendy Phone

For the new generation mobile users, Motorola introduces a sleek and trendy mobile device, the W360. This candy bar handset offers multitude of functions such as a built-in FM radio, a VGA camera, mobile Internet, messaging features and more. The Motorola W360 has been designed for more fun on the move.

In terms of design, the W360 is a monoblock slim phone and has a compact dimension of 47 x 113 x 11.9 millimeters. At just 11.9 mm thickness, the classic and trendy handset is inspired by the MOTOSLVR, a classic and perfect phone for fashion enthusiasts. The slim profile lets you slip the phone into your pocket easily. Weighing only 98g, the Motorola W360 is very lightweight and you can carry the phone anywhere.

With an in-built FM radio – just tune in and listen to all time hit songs, news updates, talk shows and weather reports on the move. The device also comes loaded with MP3 music player for your favorite ringtones. Select unique ringtones, personalize them and give a unique identity to your beautiful and attractive mobile phone. The Motorola W360 supports 5MB of internal memory – creating space for mobile games, ringtones, etc.

Moreover, the Motorola W360 features a brilliant 128 x 160, 65k color TFT screen for perfect viewing videos, images and other phone features. Loaded with a VGA camera with up to 4x zoom – the device lets you capture both still as well as motion pictures on the move. Capture some special moments and share via MMS. With messaging features such as SMS and MMS, you can send texts, pictures, and videos to any other compatible mobile devices.

The Motorola W360 offers excellent connectivity option through USB 1.1. To sync data from other compatible devices, simply connect via USB cable and transfer data with ease. All-in-all, the W360 is a good phone in terms of form and functionality.

iPhone Applications Of Popular Niche Firms Now Available At Apple's Store

Satire News Entertainment Application:

This is the official application of one of America's popular news source. It is the last bastion of unbiased, reliable, and definitive news in a world dominated by privilege, mediocrity. Application provides news available on the web site on iPhone of variety of content types like slideshows, horoscope, radio, video, news articles, editorial cartoons, etc.

Statesman News Application:

Austin Statesman News Reader application is an iPhone application, which acts as a newsreader client to Austin statesman server. This application is all about news reading in a more powerful and useful manner for the user. This application will be developed for iPhone 3G mobiles and iPod Touch device. The contents of the application are divided into three components Latest News, Blogs and the Photos.

BMC Media:

BMC Media is an iPhone application which displays the BMC media contents including blogs, podcasts and videos available on the BMC communities. This BMC Mobile Media solution displays the BMC Media content on iPhone 3G phones and iPod touch.


This application for Radio Energy is a radio streaming application. The application has been developed for iPhone 3G mobiles ad iPod touch devices. The application consists of nine web streams on top of two live streams. In addition to this there will be another live stream and two more pages linking to the external podcast page.

Caddies Call:

This Application enables golfers to keep a track of their game on the go. They can select courses, suggest / add new courses, maintaining their and their co-players' scoreboard. The application also has the capability for users to set reminders for ordering food by giving an option to call a restaurant.

New 7 Wonders:

New 7 Wonders is an application that provides information on the latest Seven Wonders of the World. The application will allow the user to browse through the various images and photographs available on the selected wonder / monument. The user can get information on the seven wonders of the world at any given instance of the time.

Light Bulb Finder:

This mobile application focuses on designing green homes. The application allows the user to select their home lighting fixtures and view any replacements for them which would help in conserving energy.

Whistler Mountain Bike Application:

For the Whistler Mountain biking fans, the Whistler Mountain Bike iPhone application serves the users with their daily dose of updates from the biking activities in the form of videos, photos, guest rider stories, users reviews including all relevant information.

Latest Mobile Phones Reviews – 4 Top Smartphones

There are many mobile phone companies that have operations seeking to treat the world their different types. Among the devices that these companies have embarked on manufacturing include smartphones. These are the latest types of mobile phones to grace the mobile phone industry and are reverted for having many features that allow users to perform many tasks. Although they are expensive as compared to other types of mobile-phones, they are high quality phones that can be used for different functions. Among these latest models include:

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is one of the latest mobile phones to enter the market. It has many features, which among them includes camera enhancements. These enhancements have applications that help one in accessing the camera from the screen. It also has features that allow one in managing all the stuff that is stored in them. It allows the users to access the internet and a variety of social media, Facebook for instance. One can also watch a number of television channels using these phones, along playing a number of mobile phone games.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 has an 8 megapixel camera. This camera enables users to take photo and videos and upload them, thanks to the internet that is provided on the phone. In addition, this smartphone also has a number of computing devices along with having an Android operating system. Samsung Galaxy also has multimedia players that enable users to listen to music and watch a number of movies. It also has a variety of mobile phone games.

Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia smartphones are manufactured by the Sony electronics company. It is the first smartphone that the company has been able to manufacture, ever since it started its operations. Just like the other types of smartphones, Sony Xperia too has many features. Among these features includes a 12 megapixel camera. This camera has applications that enable it to take quality videos and photo shots. The smartphone also has internet applications, thus enabling users to browse and use different social media. The smartphone also has a number of games that are not in other smartphones. Among these games includes the play station. Beside, this smartphone has a high performance media player that enables one to play music and videos.

Nokia Luminia 800

Nokia Company has also not been left behind in treating mobile users with smartphones. Among the latest mobile phone that the company has produced includes that Nokia Luminia 800. Among its many features includes a megapixel camera, for taking video and photo shots. They also have internet application, thus enabling its users to browse the internet. These are manufactured by Nokia Company. They also have a 8 megapixel camera, super touch screen and windows mango phone. Just like the other phones that have graced the market, it also comes in a variety of sizes and models.

The device also has an inbuilt player that enables ones to play music and video files. It also has features that enable one to manage their stuff, which includes emails, photos, contacts and other documents. The other features of this smartphone are that it has a radio and a television.

Facebook Seduction Secrets – Learn How to Pick Up Girls on Facebook

Seducing women through Facebook is easy – you just need to be armed with the right information. The problem is that most guys have no idea what to say, when to say it (or write it) and most importantly – WHY to do a certain thing. If you don’t know these things, picking up women online is basically impossible. They will ignore your messages, “pokes” and other loser attempts for getting their number. I know it can be really frustrating, I’ve been there, and it’s living hell.

The worst thing you can do is feel sorry for yourself. That won’t help you much, and it’s not attractive. On the other hand, taking some serious action on figuring out what women are really looking for on Facebook can be very productive. That is one of the things women want, a guy that is actually doing something with his life, a guy that is going somewhere, a guy with a direction that’s ready for action. So be that guy. Take action on solving your pick up lameness.

I will give you a few essential tips to get you started, this alone will already make you more appealing to women on Facebook.

One – Don’t give away too much information about yourself.

Guys that are an open book are not that attractive, since there isn’t much to find out about them. Women are often like cats, if you are easy to get and easy to figure out, then you are not a worthy “product”. Try being a bit hidden. If she asks you something, don’t tell her the whole story, let her wonder, let her imagine what you are really like. In order to make her to want to go out with you, you have to get her interested. Put her in a position where she will want to find out more about you. The way to do this is by learning how to make an attractive profile.

Two – Be different.

Women are bored from all those pathetic losers out there begging for their numbers. Stop being one of these guys. The only way to stand out is to be different. In a world where everyone is trying to “fit in” it’s not that hard to actually “just be yourself”. Exactly – stop pretending you are something you are not. Women can easily figure out if you are lying or trying to show off. Find out what every other guy is doing wrong, then act differently.

Three – Be more self aware.

The problem is that most guys are not aware of how a woman looks at you. In a matter of seconds, she scans your profile and decides whether you are a potential lover/boyfriend for her, or “just a friend” or – for most guys, an “ignore”. You can easily prevent that by knowing what women are looking for, what their “criteria” is and what they really want in a guy. But that’s beyond this article.

Final Fantasy 14 Guide – A Guide To Final Fantasy 14 Pugilist

Life of a Pugilist means mastering various hand-to-hand combat techniques. They are expert in unarmed combat but they do use some leather, metal, and bone weapons that can help them increase their damage output.

In close quarter fights, no one can beat Pugilists. But first they must get close to their target before they can start dealing damage. They use throwing weapons to temporarily stun their enemies so that they can go in for the kill. Final Fantasy 14 Guide on Pugilists lists the various abilities and skills that make them a formidable opponent in the battlefield.

Pugilists use offensive and defensive stems to make their life easier during fights. There's one that suits every situation. To make up for their short reach, they use their agility and cunningness to the maximum.

The Pugilist has two basic attacks, which are Light Strike and Heavy Strike. Both attacks cost three action points and need 20 percent stamina.

Aside from the basic attacks, Pugilists have various skills that help them maximize the damage to their targets. These are:

Concussive Blow – beats up the target around its head area, which deals blunt damage and reduces its accuracy. Concussive Blow can be stacked up to three times.

Haymaker – a deadly blow that can only be used after an attack is evaded. When Haymaker is activated, Pugilist's attack power is increased and deals blunt damage.

Jarring Strike – aims for the enemy's joints that deal blunts damage and stuns the target. Just like the Haymaker, Jarring Strike can only be used when an attack is evaded. This action increases the Pugilist's enmity.

Seismic Shock – produces strong tremors that increases attack power and deals Earth damage to all enemies within range. Seismic Shock does not affect flying monsters.

Shoulder Tackle – charges at the target that deals blunt damage.

Victimize – Pugilist searches for the enemy's weaknesses to deal slashing damage. Pugilist's critical rate increases for every debilitating buff on the target.

Pummel – Pugilist attacks with hand-to-hand weapon, which deals blunt damage and increases TP generation.

Flurry – Pugilist can only execute this ability after a Heavy Strike or another Flurry. The Pugilists attacks three times dealing blunt damage.

According to Final Fantasy 14 Guide on Pugilists, they also have abilities that give them an advantage over their opponents. These are:

Blindside – strikes from behind that increases the attack power by half of the Dexterity.

Featherfoot – Pugilist walks lightly to increase evasion. The effect fades right after evading an attack.

Mocking Provoke – makes the target attack the Pugilist.

Second Wind – Pugilist restores HP.

Steal – steals a random item from the target. The higher the Stealth, the higher the chance of success.

Steal – Pugilist steals a random item from the target. The chance of success increases with Stealth.