T-Mobile boosts data throttling threshold to 50GB per month


T-Mobile CEO John Legere is at it again. 

Josh Miller/CNET

T-Mobile customers on the carrier’s unlimited data plans will soon get to use at least 50 gigabytes of data each month before they face a possible speed reduction.

T-Mobile, the third-largest wireless player — well behind Verizon and AT&T — previously warned that it may reduce customers’ download speeds once they had consumed 32GB of data each month. The wireless carrier said Tuesday that threshold will increase to 50GB starting Wednesday.

The big four wireless carriers all offer plans with unlimited talk, texting and data. But when you hit a certain data limit, your data speeds are slowed down or your data needs are sent to the back of the line. AT&T and Verizon Wireless currently have 22GB data limits, while Sprint sets its limit at 23GB.

T-Mobile said the new limit means only the top 1 percent of data users will face a possible reduction in speeds, compared with the previous 3 percent.

“When T-Mobile customers who use the most data hit these prioritization points during the month, they get in line behind other customers who have used less data and may experience reduced speeds,” the company said in a blog post. “But this impacts them only very rarely, like when there is a big line, and it resets every month.”

The boost comes after T-Mobile and Netflix announced a partnership earlier this month that will give many subscribers to T-Mobile’s “One” unlimited data plans free access to Netflix. But the freebie only works if you have at least two T-Mobile One unlimited data voice lines (single line customers are out of luck).

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Nvidia at all-time high as Merrill Lynch gushes over A.I.

Nvidia shares are surging as Wall Street is growing more bullish on the company’s artificial intelligence opportunity.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch raised its price target for the chipmaker to the second highest among analyst firms, citing the company’s product leadership in the gaming, data center and AI markets.

The move came two days after Evercore ISI analyst C.J. Muse raised his price target to a Street-high price target on a similar thesis.

“Our positive view on Nvidia is based on its underappreciated transformation from a traditional PC graphics chip vendor, into a supplier into high end gaming, enterprise graphics, cloud, accelerated computing and automotive markets,” analyst Vivek Arya wrote in a note to clients Sunday.

“Similar to other large successful tech industries, we expect the $30bn AI chip market to also feature one dominant supplier – we think NVDA.”

Nvidia shares opened up 3 percent on Monday. The stock reached an all-time high on Friday, closing at $180.11.

Arya reiterated his buy and “top pick” ratings for Nvidia shares. He raised his price target for the stock to $210 from $185, representing 17 percent upside from Friday’s close. He now has the second highest price target on the stock out of more than 30 analysts, according to FactSet. Evercore’s Muse is the highest with a $250 12-month forecast.

Bank of America predicts data center capital spending will rise 21 percent in 2018 from an estimated 16.5 percent in 2017. Arya also said Google’s AI product is a specialized chip compared with Nvidia’s more general purpose processor, which is easier to program for different tasks.

“Incumbency matters and Nvidia has a much wider AI/machine learning ecosystem that will be tough to match,” he wrote.

Nvidia’s stock is up 187 percent in the past 12 months through Friday compared with the S&P 500’s 17 percent gain. That performance ranks No. 1 in the entire S&P 500, according to FactSet.

“Separately we note NVDA’s first mover advantage and growing influence in the multi trillion $ healthcare industry where AI/deep learning is being used for predictive analytics, image scanning and pathology assessments,” the analyst wrote. “Indeed about 50% of submitted papers at last week’s Medical Imaging Computing conference (MICCAI) were on deep learning.”

Parrot lance son nouveau Bebop 2 Electric power

L’univers des drones de loisirs grand public de milieu de gamme vient de voir grossir sa famille avec un nouveau drone de Parrot qui compte devenir un concurrent du Spark. Son nom: le Bebop 2 Electric power, une belle mise à jour du Bebop 2 en attendant le drone Bebop 3.

drone Bebop 2 Power de Parrot

drone Bebop 2 Power de Parrot

Avec son nouveau drone Bebop 2 Electric power FPV, Parrot promet une évasion sans limite et la marque indique sur son website : « Dernier né de la génération Bebop, le Parrot Bebop 2 Electric power est le additionally avancé des quadricoptères Parrot. Avec une autonomie accrue et un nouveau système d’assistance de vol, ressentez une liberté inégalée lors de vos expéditions aériennes« .

Bebop 2 Electric power FPV : un concurrent du Spark, un avant goût du Bebop 3

Ce superbe drone offrira la possibilité d’explorer, de photographier et de filmer sans limite, le tout dans une immersion totale pour tous ceux qui utiliseront les lunettes pour le vol à la première personne (FPV). Esthétiquement, ce nouveau drone conserve les lignes de son ainé, les nouveautés résident surtout dans l’autonomie qui passe à 30 minutes et ses modes de vol automatiques.

En effet, le Bebop 2 Electric power de Parrot suggest plusieurs modes de vol automatiques offrant la possibilité d’effectuer des prises de vue aériennes d’excellente qualité. On retrouve deux nouveaux modes de pilotage, à savoir « Sport » qui met en avant la vitesse et « Vidéo » qui privilégie la stabilité de l’engin. Le drone a désormais une vitesse de pointe montant jusqu’à 65 km/h en method Activity.

Parrot lance le drone Bebop 2 Power

Parrot lance le drone Bebop 2 Power

Quatre nouveaux mouvements sont présents:

  • Parabole (courbe autour du sujet)
  • Tornade (ascension en hélice, en cercles de additionally en additionally grands)
  • Orbite (cercles autour du sujet)
  • Boomerang (aller-retour à 60 m environ)

Petit additionally intéressant, le method Stick to Me n’est additionally payant sur cette version, comme cela était le cas sur la version précédente. On observe la présence d’un nouveau method de décollage en lançant le drone en l’air (method Hand Launch). Le Bebop 2 Electric power filme en Entire High definition 1080p, à 30 ips et peut prendre des photos de 14 Mpx aux formats JPEG ou DNG Raw.

Le drone Bebop 2 Electric power FPV Pack est déjà disponible sur la plateforme Parrot Keep, au tarif de 699 euro, dans lequel on retrouvera : le drone, deux batteries de 30 minutes, une radiocommande Skycontroller 2 et les lunettes Cockpitglasses.

Vidéo de présentation du drone Bebop 2 Electric power de Parrot

Mewtwo Comes to Starbucks in Pokemon Go

Mewtwo is stopping at Starbucks for coffee and some high-stakes Pokemon battles. Earlier today, Pokemon Go sent out a wave of EX Raid Invites for Mewtwo Raids at various Starbucks locations around the United States.

EX Raids are a new feature for Pokemon Go that’s still being tested by developers. While EX Raids largely function like a normal raid, players can only enter an EX Raid if they receive an invite. In order to get a EX Raid Invite, players needed to successfully beat a raid at a Starbucks gym sometime over the last few weeks.

Starbucks wasn’t the only Pokemon Go sponsor to host a new set of EX Raids. Players also reported getting EX Raid Invites for battles at Sprint locations around the United States. This is the second time that Mewtwo has visited Sprint locations, following a massive set of raids last week.

EX Raids have also expanded into Europe and Asia, as Unibail Rodamco malls and Jio stops were also chosen to host the exclusive raids. Both Unibail Rodamco and Jio are also sponsors of Pokemon Go.

While the bulk of the upcoming EX Raids are taking place at sponsored gyms, invites were also sent out for several locations in Chester, England. Chester was the site of a major Pokemon Go live event, and the game added several new PokeStops and gyms at the city after receiving suggestions from attendees.

Although some fans might not be happy that Pokemon Go is focusing on sponsored locations for now, keep in mind that EX Raids are still in beta. Since Pokemon Go is rolling out EX Raids in Asia and Europe, it sounds like they’re just about finished testing, meaning that everyone will have a chance to catch Mewtwo soon.



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SpaceX Releases Blooper Video of Rocket Failures

The private American company SpaceX has been called a pioneer in the space industry.

SpaceX was the idea of businessman Elon Musk. He wanted to reduce the cost of space travel by reusing rockets over and over again.

At the time, this was a completely new idea. For years, booster rockets that lifted spacecraft into the skies returned to Earth and were discarded at sea.

At first, many scientists and people in the aerospace industry did not take Elon Musk and SpaceX seriously. There were many rocket failures in the company’s early days of testing.

But many people became believers after SpaceX successfully recovered its rockets, turning Musk’s dream into reality.

In recent years, SpaceX has increased the number of rockets it launches. These have included flights transporting supplies to the International Space Station, as well as many satellite launches.

To date, SpaceX has successfully landed 16 first-stage booster rockets to be reused in future rocket launches. The most recent landing took place earlier this month in Florida. Some rockets touched down on land, while others landed on a floating platform in the sea.

But before all the successes, there were also some big failures.

SpaceX recently put together a collection of some of those failures in the form of a blooper video. Musk announced the video on Twitter: “How NOT to land an orbital rocket.”

In another recent post, he wrote “we messed up a lot before it finally worked.” He also promised that viewers would see “some epic explosion” video.

The two-minute video is set to John Philip Sousa’s famous march “The Liberty Bell.” It shows rockets exploding at sea and over land, with short explanations and dates. The opening explosion, from 2013, is timed to the music.

Towards the end, the video shows SpaceX’s first successful booster landing at Cape Canaveral Air Force station in 2015. The final shot is of the booster that touched down on an ocean platform in 2016.

I’m Bryan Lynn.

Bryan Lynn wrote this story for VOA Learning English. His story was based on reports from the Associated Press and SpaceX. George Grow was the editor.

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Words in This Story

pioneer – n. person who is one of the first to do something

booster n. part of a rocket that provides force for the launch and the first part of the flight

discard – v. throw something away after use

platform – n. raised structure with a flat surface

blooper – n. mistake, sometimes funny, made in public

mess up – v. make a mistake or do something wrong

epic – adj. very large or impressive

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Crowns First North American Champion, Opus III Cards Now Available

As the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game gains wild momentum in the states, US fans were elated to see the crowning of the first North American champion. Joseph Leszczyski of Milwaukee, WI emerged victorious in the inaugural Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Opus Series North American Championship. He and the other four finalists have been invited to participate in the World Championship Finals in Japan this November, where they’ll compete with the world’s top players. In a recent press release, Square Enix shared a picture of Leszczyski receiving his crystal trophy from FFTCG producer Taro Kageyama:

final fantasy tcg

At the top of this article you can watch a video showcasing some of the featured matches from the Championship semi-finals. You’ll notice most of the stream stars finalist Nathan Perez dominating the play mat until Leszczyski shows up at the end to begin his run. Watching the pros play can be a great way for beginner and intermediate players to get an insider’s look at how to properly build a competitive deck.

With the recent launch of the Opus III series of cards, there’s never been a better time to jump in. Opus III features cards and characters from Final Fantasy IX, which just released for the PS4, and Final Fantasy Type-0. While those cards are featured, the Opus III starter pack and booster packs will contain cards with characters and summons spanning the entire Final Fantasy series. Opus I and II packs are also readily available, and can be found at your local game stores or through Amazon (link here).

We recently got our hands on the Opus III starter deck and a few booster packs, and I found many fantastic new forwards to compliment and synergize an aggressive Wind elemental deck I’ve been working on. If we’re speaking another language, and you’re looking for a more basic introduction, Square Enix has put together a fantastic set of beginner’s tutorials here. You can also read our Final Fantasy Trading Card Game review right here to find out why we love it so much!

How To Check Your Instagram Followers With New “Follows You” Feature

The wait is finally over, photographers, selfie virtuosos, and existential caption writers. Your social media media game is in for a change now that Instagram unveiled its “follows you” feature. It’s time to really make those posts count, so choose your filters and angles appropriately.

When you log on and check out other people’s pages, there is now a designated spot after the profile information that indicates whether or not that person, business, or organization is following you. It’s the long-awaited tool people have been dying for… and it definitely has the potential to make things messy. Why isn’t she following me? Why is my ex following me? Who is this guy? Oh social media, you toy with our emotions so well.

The update seems to only be available for Android users at the moment. However, if you have an iPhone, you will probably have to wait for the next iOS update before you can check out “follows you.” Until then, you’ll be forced to do things the old-fashioned way: by scrolling through your followers and keeping a tab of who has access to your profile.

Though this is something people have been anxious to see on the app — though I’m not entirely sure why, as it can definitely cause a bit o21st-centuryry chaos — the news unveiled rather quietly.

iphone in handiphone in hand

sergey causelove

But the “follows you” unveil wasn’t quiet enough to go unnoticed.

You can’t fool your savvy users, Instagram.

Things have the potential to get awkward.

Take a look at “follows you” for yourself.

Groundbreaking, right? I look forward to explaining this feature to my mother, a new Instagram user with a total of three followers (my cousin, my aunt, and me) who happens to only be following those same three people. She has a lot to keep track of, so thankfully Instagram decided to make this update. It’s going to make things dramatically different for her experience.

But “follows you” isn’t the only change you can expect to see on Instagram. Now, when you check out a friend’s video of her super adorable pup or your co-worker’s new baby, all subsequent videos will automatically play afterward. However, exiting the app will reset these video capabilities. And to be clear: videos of puppies and toddlers are nice, but they’re not required for this new feature. Regardless of the content, all videos will play automatically when you click (it was just a wild guess that you enjoy pups and tiny tots).

Perhaps what users should really enjoy is the fact that taking a less than suitable selfie doesn’t mean you have to click “delete” and lose it forever. The archive app allows you to take down that subpar post and hide it from your profile, however, it won’t be completely deleted. So let’s say the lighting is really outstanding but you’ve noticed you smudged your lipstick. It might not be worth trashing entirely, so give this feature a whirl. You might have a moment where you reconsider the magnitude of said smudge and decide it’s not awful enough to remove. I’m more excited about taking advantage of the archives than “follows you,” but that’s just me.

Personally, I kind of enjoyed not knowing who was following me and who wasn’t. It took the guess work out of social media and let me just be. Documenting your life — from your career to relationships, family life, friendships, and everything in between — has become such a competition, it was nice to not have the option to see if someone decides to be so kind and follow you back.

While I guess it make sense that “follows you” would become a thing, I’ll enjoy not using in until my iOS updates. Sorry I’m such a social media Debby Downer.

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Danielle Valente

Danielle is part of the Elite Daily news team. When she’s not working, she’s usually reading or eating gnocchi at Frankie’s. Find her @dvwrites.

Danielle is part of the Elite Daily news team. When she’s not working, she’s usually reading or eating gnocchi at Frankie’s. Find her @dvwrites.

Video: Learn About the “Guts Pose!” and Why It’s In So Many Games


If you’ve ever played games in the Street Fighter or Final Fantasy series, you know that each time you win a fight the characters make a little celebratory dance. It’s actually not just those two games, but many games old and new have this little quirk. You could argue that games use this animation to communicate emotion with the player. But, you’d be missing most of the story.

It’s strange, but in 1974 one event would alter the course of gaming forever. That was when a lightweight boxer named Guts Ishimatsu was crowned champion. His celebration has been imitated ever since in Japan. Since many games come from Japan the move has been put various titles, as well as anime, movies and commercials.

On 11 April, 1974, underdog fighter Guts Ishimatsu pulled off a stunning upset over the then champ, Gato Gonzales, in front of a home crowd in Tokyo, Japan. After the knockout, a celebration ensued and Guts struck a pose that would later be named after him. Due to his sudden popularity, it quickly became imitated and a new buzzword was born.

Japan has a reputation for incorporating English words into its language in unconventional ways, and Guts Pose is no exception. In Japan, the word is universally known and even has its own holiday. However, despite the phrase being two English words, it is not well known in the English speaking world. Play through Mario, Kirby, Splatoon and almost every fighting and sports game though, and you will see the Guts Pose (in various forms) over and over again.

To see the long, strange trip of Guts Ishimatsu and his famous pose, check out the video below. Then go ahead and start calling the victory dance in your favourite game the Guts Pose. That is, after all, the proper name for it.

If you liked this video be sure to check out GTV for more things retro, Nintendo and Japan.

Can Nvidia and AMD Beat the Bitcoin slump?

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last few years, you know that both Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) introduced cryptocurrency-mining specific GPUs. Recently, in a direct contradiction to earlier momentum, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets are receiving a thrashing. Now deep into correction territory, the crypto investor’s focus has shifted from hitting new plateaus to salvaging whatever they can. Hardened veterans understand that extreme volatility comes with the territory, but what about chip makers, Nvidia and AMD? ?


Source: Shutterstock

As a quick refresher, mining is an algorithm-heavy process where computers compete to verify blocks of transactional data. The first to verify the data receives a cryptocurrency unit, such as Bitcoin, as a reward.

As you might expect, mining is an intensive process. Furthermore, the competition becomes all the more fierce as the mined cryptocurrency rises in value. If you have a slow computer, you are virtually guaranteed to waste a lot of electricity for nothing. To gain an edge, miners elect to use ultra-powerful GPUs. The top sellers are AMD and Nvidia.

Naturally, as Bitcoin prices soared to the moon, interest also shifted to NVDA stock and AMD stock. While not direct investments towards cryptocurrencies, their respective associations cannot be denied. AMD admitted as such in June of this year, and for good reason. Their primary focus is on their core gaming sector, but nobody turns down free money.

But now, as Bitcoin prices erode, the association is an unfavorable one. After the “king of cryptos” first hit $1,000 and then went on to collapse, it took down Nvidia and AMD. Potential miners got a case of the weak knees and fled to the nearest exit.

Could the same thing happen again?

Nvidia and AMD can Weather the Bitcoin Storm

Before I say no, I fully disclose the fact that I’m a strong advocate for cryptocurrencies. As evidence, I was one of the first people, along with my colleague Dana Blankenhorn, to speak consistently about Bitcoin and the blockchain on InvestorPlace. Furthermore, I’ve been buying this crypto slump, and will continue to do so.

Despite my obvious propensity for the digital markets, I still believe, for lack of a better phrase, that “this time is different.” I don’t think current shareholders of either NVDA stock or AMD stock have anything to worry about regarding cryptocurrencies. Here’s why:

First, when GPU sales for Nvidia and AMD took a hit after Bitcoin’s mercurial boom-bust cycle in 2013 and 2014, the concept of digital coins was very much a new phenomenon. GPUs weren’t marketed specifically for crypto mining; rather, it just happened that miners used Nvidia or AMD devices. Moreover, these chips weren’t necessarily efficient or effective for mining. Competing technologies ultimately hurt GPU sales at that time, not slumping Bitcoin prices.

Second, no correlation appears to exist among Nvidia and AMD stock, and Bitcoin. For the second half of this year, NVDA stock is up 17%, whereas AMD shares lost 2.5%. What might surprise lay investors is that Bitcoin is actually up 25% since July 1. Yet the most famous digital coin lost 36% over the last two weeks!

These performance metrics are simply all over the place. This dynamic clearly indicates that other factors besides cryptocurrencies impact Nvidia and AMD stock.

Finally, I’m not convinced that lower crypto prices weaken Nvidia and AMD processor demand. Corrections weed out the speculators and “Johnny-come-latelys.” This helps true proponents get more bang for their mining buck through competition elimination.

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Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Receives Unofficial Take note 8 ROM

The Samsung Galaxy Take note 8 has just been released a couple times again, but it’s notable in the computer software department for becoming the one particular and only Samsung phone to run Android 7.1.1 out of the box. Samsung’s Nougat update rollout has been extraordinary for skipping Nougat’s upkeep launch, Android 7.1, fully on their device lineup. These who would like to have Android 7.1.1 on their Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ are in luck, though, as the Take note 8 firmware has been successfully ported to both of those of these phones.

This port, dubbed “Renovate Ice Take note 8”, has been released by XDA Regarded Developer mwilky. Apart from bringing in excess of Android 7.1.1 to the Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+, it also provides in really significantly all new applications and options from the Galaxy Take note 8 – besides for the S-Pen things, of training course. As it’s the first launch, lots of of the Renovate Ice exceptional options added by the developer will be added in afterwards releases. For now, this is the first semi-steady Take note 8 port released for the Galaxy S8 line, created possible many thanks to both of those phones acquiring just about identical specs appropriate down to the SoC. The ROM also provides some personalized tidbits like the Notorious Kernel (crafted from latest N950F sources) and a tweaks application which makes it possible for you to modify tons of factors inside of the OS.

It’s nonetheless marked as a beta, so if you want to install it on your unit, you really should know that it may perhaps and most almost certainly will contain some bugs in this article and there. Nonetheless, we really should say that it is indeed a extraordinary first launch. If you want to try it out on your unit, head in excess of to the official thread, obtain it, and flash it on your unit. This is just one particular of lots of Samsung Knowledge-based personalized ROMs, so if you want to give your unit your very own contact, head in excess of to our Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ discussion boards!

Many thanks to XDA Senior Member farovitus for achieving out and correcting a blunder in the post!

Down load the Renovate Ice Take note 8 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+